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La Boutique relocation Lausanne - © albagraphicdesign

Client references

Patricia was very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions. She was also very resourceful and made our move extremely easy with step by step instructions and plans on where to go and what to do. In addition to taking care of lot of tasks on our behalf.

HH - moving from the USA

We chose La Boutique Relocation Services to support with our relocation from Germany to Switzerland based on a phone-call and our gut-feeling. From past experience we knew that relocating abroad can be a stressful, time-consuming, bureaucratic and just a plain overwhelming process. As it turns out the secret was in the pudding- or in our case, in the relocation agency:) And man did LBR make all the difference! Right from the beginning we felt listened to, supported and in capable hands, although we were complete strangers, sitting miles away. As the work started, everything was timely scheduled, planned in the smallest detail and delivered pro-actively, in easily digestible bits, with professionalism, precision, patience and consideration (our panic-mode moments and cultural differences here included). With things being handled so well on the Swiss front, all via WhatsApp and email, we could focus the million other things we had on our relocation checklist on the German front. Two months in, when we finally met Daphne, our relocation agent, face to face to pick-up the keys to the amazing home she had secured for us, it felt like meeting an old-time friend :) A month later, last Friday, we finally arrived to beautiful Switzerland just in time for the national day on August 1st. With everything done and ready, all that was left for us to do was enjoy a glass of wine and the fireworks on Lake Leman- a perfect end to a new beginning :)! Thank you Daphne, thank you LBR Services! 

B & V - moving from Germany

Patricia and team provided indispensable assistance to us on settling in Switzerland and again during a complex exit from our leaving the country. We couldn’t have done it without them! 

G&R S - moving from Emirates and back to the UK

Your service is absolutely outstanding. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you on my relocation.         

CT, Senior Veterinary Advisor

Nous remercions La Boutique Relocation pour l’ensemble de votre support.

Nos deux employées récemment arrivées nous ont fait part de vos brillants talents dans toutes les démarches, votre efficacité, bienveillance et attention.

AG, Office Manager

As someone who finds it really difficult to ask for help, this was a challenging experience for me. Thank you for helping me not only navigate a very new and complex world, but doing so in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident in what I was trying to achieve as I started my new life in a new country.  I never felt like I asked a silly question, and I always felt like I (as a person) mattered to you and your team. 

Thank you for making the start of my new life fun and exciting, you all have a real knack for organizing chaos gracefully.

DL, moving from the USA

It was a very helpful service which made the relocation to a new country hassel-free. We would highly recommend La Boutique to anyone moving to Switzerland for the first time. The communication was excellent and all the new information was provided at an “easy to follow” rate.

L & R, moving from Australia

Outstanding – felt more like a welcoming friend than an agent. Thank you Daphne!

A & E, moving from England

Patricia understood our needs very well. We got our apartment in the desired location. Many things have been prepared before our move to Switzerland. Thanks a lot for your excellent work and taking care of your clients.

P & E, moving from Denmark & Germany

Daphné is really nice, professional and knowledgeable. Doing the home search with her is really delightful. She makes you feel very comfortable and is absolutely helpful and reliable.

AS, moving from the USA

Patricia is friendly, professional and quick-responding. She knows the housing market in the Lake Geneva region very well, gave good advice and helped me settle in a nice apartment in St Sulpice.

MS, moving from Finland

Magnifique service, Patricia est une personne très sympathique, avec une réponse claire et précise à chaque question. Elle connait la région par coeur et elle m’a trouvé un appartement incroyable en une semaine. Elle m’a très bien accompagné dans tout le processus d’arrivée à Lausanne. Merci Patricia! 

VR, moving from Argentina

Excellent partout, je ne peux pas rajouter quelque chose de spécifique car tout le service a été excellent.

CS, moving from Zurich

Je confirme que j’ai eu un excellent service efficace et rapide du premier contact jusqu’à la fin.

AS, moving from Qatar

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