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La Boutique relocation Lausanne - © albagraphicdesign

We provide turn-key solutions for people and businesses arriving and living in Switzerland.

Because excellence in service and attention to detail are our priorities, consultation advice is always included in our packages. We will guide you through the process of considering the numerous factors involved in moving and settling into our region.

And we will be happy to discuss with you or your organisation or company the many opportunities available to individuals, families or groups of employees during and after moving.


Arriving smoothly and finding the right home is essential for your family and business life


Relocating is more than finding housing 

and embraces many additional facets of 

everyday life. We will guide you in all the aspects of integration for you to fully enjoy and experience the unlimited 

opportunities our region has to offer

À la carte

You and your organisation may want to explore further into the « living in Switzerland experience » and may have specific needs

La Boutique relocation Lausanne

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